Corporate team building

For many the thought of another company team building day or course is the stuff of nightmares, so why do companies and corporations pay thousands of dollars to put their staff through this kind of torture ?

The truth is simple, people are put in teams to work together to make a company more effective, research has shown that people who know and believe in each other work better together, the end result is a better company.

The big problem is that companies select people based on their skill set and qualifications, less attention is paid to an employee’s (or prospective employee’s) personality and soft skills. The idea behind these team building courses is to bring people together, away from the work place and put them into an environment that fosters a degree of comradery that will hopefully spill over into the work environment.

At this point you may well be asking why doesn’t the company just pay everybody to go to Disneyland for a few days and party ? The simple answer is proximity and environment. People in close proximity don’t necessarily work together and the environment must be controlled in such a way as to engender trust and cooperation. Disneyland wouldn’t do that, everybody would split into groups and do ‘their own thing’

The training day / weekend keeps people together in an unfamiliar environment so that they are forced to interact in ways that they wouldn’t normally do in the company. This builds a sense of shared ‘suffering’, something that will connect disparate people in the company in ways that would not have happened otherwise.

If you have shared an experience (good or bad) with someone, it creates a link that can be used in future to build a relationship.

Relationships in companies are how the works gets done.

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